Meet your tour guide

Ciao, I’m Deb Taylor your Italian adventure tour guide!


I have always believed that you need to seek out what inspires you. When you live your life with inspiration, you live it with passion. My passion is ITALY. It began the moment I landed in Rome twelve years ago with my first tour group and fell in love with the people, culture, food, history, language and all things Italian. Italy is a country to fall in love with, time and time again.


Every trip is about creating ‘best days ever’ which means awesome, authentic experiences and moments in time. To truly get to know the heart and soul of Italy, you need to get to know the people; find the secret places not known to tourists and shop and eat where the locals go. This means time and space in all of the places we stay.


A background in tourism (airlines and hotels), together with being a Personal Trainer, Travel Consultant and Tour Guide with an intimate knowledge of  Italy means a range of activities and choices every day. Whether it’s guiding you along a hidden path out of ritzy Portofino to a solitary track leading to gorgeous San Fruttuoso, accessible only by sea or foot; eating timeless Italian food in a local trattoria known only to locals, or hiking along the goat trodden paths high above the shores of Lake Como, there will be an adventure to delight and indulge you.

My 20 Best Travel Tips for Italy

Walk – a lot. You discover more, absorb more and interact more at ground level.

Get lost – It’s inevitable. Random turns are when great discoveries happen.

Seek out local artisans and products, avoiding labels you can buy anywhere

Learn some Italian words and phrases to really connect and engage.

Embrace a different culture. Otherwise, why travel?

Be curious and receptive to trying and seeing new things.

Wear comfortable shoes that are already broken in.

Take photos at sunrise before cities and towns wake up.

Avoid tourist traps eg: shops close to major attractions, tourist menus, queues.

Buy seasonal produce at markets and the supermercato for picnics.

Drink the local house wine –  It’s good and inexpensive. Drink the local water too!

Join in the evening passeggiata (leisurely stroll), when locals come out to socialise.

Blend in and try not to look too typically touristy. Tip: Show less skin.

Sit in a tucked away piazza, with gelato, observing the daily rituals of Italian life.

Immerse yourself. Stand al banco (at the bar) with Italians for a morning coffee.

Pack light and leave room in your luggage for shopping –  It is too tempting!

Pre-train on steps. Italy has steps. Everywhere. Hilltop towns have hills.

Cash for markets, cafes, gelato, coffee, small purchases from artisans.

Cash passport card free from the Post Office loaded with euros + No ATM fees.

Smile and be prepared to make new friends on your new adventure!


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